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Mr. Smythe Here is your essay!

The Journey of Sergeant Pizza Pie
     My platoon of specialized soldiers are going on a mission to resupply the human body.
     We enter the body at the mouth, were all the digestion and consumption begins. First we must be covered in saliva. A slippery liquid produced by salivary glands. This is used to moisten my troops up to slide through the digestive system.
     Well would you look at that I'm gettin sweeter. Oh it's ptyalin breaking down my starches into sugars. Ptyalin is what we foods call enzymes. Enzymes control chemical reactions. When enzymes digest food this is called chemical digestion, which means breaking down my substances into simpler substances, which makes me able to be absorbed by cells!
     Mechanical digestion is the other form of digestion. Mechanical digestionis where foods are physically broken into smaller parts.
     Great globs of green gravy! Your teeth are tearing me to pieces. The three types of teeth are inscissors, which cut pieces of food off, Canines, that tear foods apart, and molars, in which food is mashed and grinded. Yaowee thats gonna' leave a mark, on we go! Ahhh your tasting tongue. The tongue tastes sweet, salty, sour, and bitter. Hee hee tasting tickles.
    Down I go! But which tube do i take? Hmmmmmmmmm.... It's the epiglottis. An organ that covers up your wind pipe, so i go straight down the esophagus. But what's that you say? You can't breathe? Well suck it in maggot! He will move when i am down into the esophagus.
     All right trooper we are in the esophagus! This fine tube is a 12 second joy ride to the stomach. Peristalsis, or muscle waves will take us through this pipe.
     AHHHHHHH! The stomach this j-shaped organ mechanically digests me with hydrochloric acid and pepsin which digest proteins. I will be digested for 3-6 hours then sent on my way!
     In the small intestine were i am digested by bile which is produced my the organ called the liver. And over there is the insulin generating pancreas.
     Aaah villi! Thes finger like things are located in the small intestine and send nutrients through the bloodstream.
     Oh look at that! We are in the large intestine! This organ will absorb any remain ing water in my troops! Any leftovers are also stored here for later use. On to the rectum which is the end of the large intestine. NOW DROP AND GIVE ME 20!
     Over and out! Litterally. I am going out the anus. This is where solid wastes are eliminated. Alright private! You have now learned the correct way to enter and exit the body. You will be woken at 0400 hours for a real mission! Or is that too much for you maggot! DIS - MISSED!